We are three motley fools at different points in our journey as teachers, brought together by fate in our search for meaning in the work we did so far. In each of our own journeys through the education sector, schools in particular, we have seen various attempts to improve teaching-learning processes and deliver quality content in our classrooms. In ensuring every child learns to read, write and work with numbers, we saw classrooms became a constricted environment – – for teachers as well as children – one that made teaching and teaching a torturous task .

Qrius Learning Initiatives is a venture born out of our quest for a more authentic learning  process within the constraints of the artificial setup that exists in our classrooms today. In simpler words, we are working on solutions that ensure our children learn willingly and joyfully, with teachers becoming smart facilitators of this learning process rather than a delivery person for smart content!

There’s more to the story which we wish to share – this blog will serve as a space for the same – as our journey continues! You can find more about us on the Qrius website and connect with us on Facebook for regular stories from the field!


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